The Fall Online ShopThe Fall Online Shop
April 27April 27

The Fall

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Okay so the blog was done for 'The Fall' quite some time ago. Now its time to setup the online shop. Done with Drupal and Ubercart and a few tweaks, didn't turn out so bad.

check it at
September 19September 19


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So EightyWest is a personal project. One I don't actually have much to do with. It is setup so it has many contributors adding Images, Video Edits and just plain old stories from all over the world. What I do have control over is who gets an account. So its sure to have the best characters posting about the most whacked shit if that's what your into. I know i am. Read more »
Tradewind Surf Email NewsletterTradewind Surf Email Newsletter
March 28March 28

Tradewind Surf

Tradewind Surf recently got me to install a coupon code system into the site, and we also got together a database for mailchimp. I designed up a template and built a template for mail chimp. The TWS team can now add emails into their database, as well as create campaigns with various discounts and offers to there database as frequently as they like.

Mailchimp, Email Marketing, Tradewindsurf
Lost in Lobitos, PeruLost in Lobitos, Peru
October 14October 14

Since the 14th of June this year I've been in Peru. After a brief few weeks in Panama and Colombia, I legged it straight to where i was going to set up base for quite some time. A little town in the North of Peru called Lobitos, born to the petroleum industry in 1903. Read more »

in front of the crabpot - piscinas
View from the top
the local lads at primavera
Los Muelles - Kapow!!
the infamous "Crabpot" with matty
Lobitos - on a not so good day
El Hueco - Wham!!
casual sunday beers waiting for the sunset - lobitos
Karmichael HuntKarmichael Hunt
May 21May 21

this made me laugh.... for hours.

Screen Printing on a BudgetScreen Printing on a Budget
May 2May 2

Budget Screen Printing

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Second Glance Collaboration

Brad from Budget come to me with all the right ideas. We started with a re-brand and then rolled out the new branding to a website interface. Take a look!!

Budget Screen Printing Homepage
Budget Screen Printing Services
Budget Screen Printing Contact Page
Fightfort . . . coming soonFightfort . . . coming soon
March 12March 12


Second Glance Collaboration

New logo's for fightfort, designed by Dylan at Pinky. Website coming real soon. stay tuned.

Im going backIm going back
March 12March 12

So, im going back. I'll be working closely with Dylan at Pinky+Foof, and doing it from Peru for a bit. Obviously looking after all my current clients, any new work give dylan a call on 0417 298 008. Im going to be surfing, building client sites as well as working on a few of my own personal projects.

Tradewind Surf 2011Tradewind Surf 2011

Early on in 2011, we discussed re-skinning the Tradewind Surf Website. The content was there, the Girl of the Month, Custom Boards, Stock Boards, Blog and the galleries were all there. The site needed to look cleaner as it has become so big since originally going live 2 years ago, it needed a white background.

Tradewind Surf homepage
New Surfboards
Lost Rocket
Tradewind Surf Blog
An awkward momentAn awkward moment
March 2March 2

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